We are supplier of Canoe Federations, kayak and raft clubs, top individual athletes, expeditions and river explorers.

Zet Chili

Kayak Cross

Zet Kayaks, Lettmann Kayaks, Prijon Kayaks, Dagger Kayaks, Pyranha Kayaks
Raab paddle


Lula Paddles, RK Company Paddles, Laminex Paddles
Hiko PFD life jacket

Slalom Safety Gears

Hikosport Slalom Life-jackets, Helmets
Hiko spraydeck

Slalom Jackets

Hikosport Jackpot jackets, Hiko spraydecks, Hiko Life-jackets, CS Jackpot K1 Zephyr
Hiko dry suit

Expedition Gears

Hikosport Dry Suits, Life jackets, Helmets, Spraydecks
Mashua kayak

Slalom Carbon K1, Canoe C1

Galasport kayaks, Vajda canoe, Mashua kayak, RK Company canoe
Mashua child kayak

Child and Junior Slalom Kayaks

Mashua Junior kayak, Mashua child kayak, RK Company child kayak
WW canoe

Wildwater Canoeing

RK Company canoe, Kick The Waves kayaks
Robfin raft

Raft and Inflatable boats

Robfin rafts, Gumotex rafts, Inflatable boats, Fishing boats

Who do we deal with

We represent best companies producing kayaks, paddles, helmet, life-jackets, waterproof bags and other gears used in water sports.
All of them are located in Europe. Some in Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, some in Germany, UK etc.
We work hard to have one of the best prices on the market.
We believe, that we can gain your trust and help you to push the limits of the sport.






RK Company


Kick the Waves


Palm Shuck




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Production and Shipping Time

sea vessel
Shipping vessel
  • Production time of kayaks takes usually one to three month.
  • It depends of the season and order volume.
  • Shipping is also very time consuming part of the deal. We ship kayaks usually in containers by sea vessels.
  • It takes about one month, from port to port.

  • Paddles, helmets, life-jackets, spraydecks and other items can be shipped by Airplane.
    It takes one week.