ZET Director Kayak

ZET Director


The DIRECTOR is our biggest and beefiest boat in the ZET kayak range! With a length of almost 2.7 meters and a volume of 360 liters, this boat is perfect for multi-day expeditions, extreme races and all of you bigger paddlers out there.

ZET DIrector

An all-river kayak for the most difficult terrain, stable and easy to go down the river.

Despite its size the DIRECTOR is extremely maneuverable, holds its line with ease and excels on difficult whitewater. Thanks to ZET’s advanced manufacturing technologies and high-performance design, the DIRECTOR is the ultimate kayak for any big paddler on any whitewater mission.

The Director is designed for bigger paddlers. Its incredible stability makes it suitable not only for expert kayakers, but also for beginner and intermediate paddlers wanting to improve their skills.

size 268 x 69 cm    weight 22,5 kg   displacement  370 L
load 80 – 110 kg   spraydeck 91 x 51 cm