Children 8-16

Parameters of equipment of children in category 8-13 is still quite similar to age 6-8, however at the age of 13 some children are already quite serious about competitions. They work hard and they need proper gears.

Children in this category could be tall, however they are still very slim and lightweight. Weight is usually up to 60 kg.

Shafts of paddles should be still softer and blades smaller, lifejackets are medium size, kayaks should be light and easy to turn and usually M size. Children should wear some warm neoprene cloth, because they get wet every training. They should wear some neopren shorts, sneakers and regular jackets designed for kayaking.

Thirteen years old children already have a daily trainings and they need to have a real WW cloth, quite similar to adults, just smaller sizes. It is usually S adult size. When they turn to 16 years old, the sizes could be M or L.

All such cloth we have and can be ordered. Write us email here.

Children at age 8-13

Life jacket: Hiko Swift 600 PFD S/M

Helmet: Hiko Buckaroo V.2

Jacket:Switch Ripstop XS, S

Pants: Quest Junior 130-150

Wet suit: Little Johny 116, 128, 140, 152, 164

Neopren shorts: Neo 1.5 Shorts XS, S

Neopren pants: Neo 2.5 Pants 2XS,XS,S

Spraydecks: Repeat K1 XS, S

Spraydeck: C Flex Sprayskirt XS,S

Boots: Sneaker Booties 6,7,8

Boots: Rafter Jr. Boots 27-33

Neopren Socks: Neo 0.5, 3.0, 5.0 Socks, 5,6,7,8

Lula K1 paddle

Lula C1 paddle

RK Company K1 paddle

Slalom Paddle Eddy

RK Company V1 junior paddle

Slalom Paddle V1 junior

RK Company V2 junior paddle

Slalom Paddle V2 junior

Mashua K1 Ziggy up to 45kg

Mashua ZIGGY

Mashua Speedy (cut down for 55kg)


RK Company K1 Duck S 40-50kg, M 50-60kg

Rk Company Duck

Mashua C1 Eddy

Mashua Eddy C1

Children at age 13-16

Life jacket: Saluki K+ PFD S/M

Hiko Saluki PFD

Life Jacket: Jackpot PFD S/M

Hiko PFD Jackpot

Spraydeck: Jackpot K1 Sprayskirt S, M

Topdeck: K1 Jackpot x Zephyr long sleeve S, M

Topdeck: K1 Jackpot x Zephyr short sleeve S, M

Topdeck: C1 Jackpot x Zephyr L/S  S, M

Topdeck: C1 Jackpot x Zephyr S/S Topdeck S, M

Topdeck: K1 Repeat x Zephyr L/S Topdeck  S, M

Topderck: C1 Zephyr L/S Top deck  S, M

Jacket: Zephyr Race Top L/S  S, M

Hiko Zephyr

Jacket: Zephyr Race Top S/S  S/M

Hiko Zephyr

Neopren shorts: Neo 1.5 & 3.0 Shorts  S, M

Neopren Shorts: Symbio Jr.Shorts 1.0  128,152

Boots: Sneaker Booties 6,7,8,9

Neopren Socks: Neo 0.5, 3.0, 5.0 Socks, 6,7,8,9

Extreme Slalom Topdeck: K1 Baller 87 x Zephyr L/S Topdeck S, M

Extreme Slalom Topdeck: K1 Baller 87 x Zephyr S/S Topdeck S, M

Extreme slalom Spraydeck: Baller 87 Sprayskirt   S, M

Extreme Slalom: WRSI Current Pro S/M,  M/L

Extreme Slalom: Palm Shuck Full-Cut  S, M

Extreme Slalom: Prijon Kupa  54-61

Helmet: Galasport Tony Slalom 54-57cm

Helmet: Vajda Record  S

Vajda Record helmet

Helmet: Hiko Buckaroo V.2

Neopren pogies: Neo 1,5,  3.0 Pogies

Neopren Open Palm Gloves: Palm Talon C1  S,M,L

Neopren Pogies: Neo 3.0 C1 Pogies

Raab Junior K1 Paddle

Raab X14 Extra S or S Paddle

Raab C1 Paddle