Children 16-20

16 year old children are not children and more. These young athletes can be almost as strong as adults and can weight as adults. They are powerful and they need almost the same gears like adult athletes. Jackets, spraydecks, neoprene shorts are same like 8-16 category and it can be seen here, blades of paddles are usually S or M adult size and boats are M or L size, according their weight.

Raab K1 X14 S

Blade Area: 680 sqcm

Raab K1 X16 S, M, L

Blade Area: 700, 720, 740 sqcm

RK Company CHRIS K1 Paddle

Lula DUPI K1 Paddle

Lula DUPAL K1 Paddle

RK Company V1 Paddle

Slalom Paddle V1 junior

RK Company V2 Paddle

Raab C1 Paddle M, L

Lula JIRAS  C1 Paddle

Lula SUP  C1 Paddle

Lula LULA  C1 Paddle

Hiko Jackpot x Zephyr L/S Top Deck

Hiko Jackpot x Zephyr S/S Top Deck

Hiko Baller87 x Zephyr K1 Extreme Top Deck

Hiko Jackpot PFD

Hiko Jackpot PFD