ZET Ninja Kayak

ZET Ninja kayak


If you’re looking for one boat that does it all, then look no further than the Zet Ninja. Our most versatile creek boat yet. The brain child of extreme paddler Honza Choutka, the Zet Ninja is the boat to use when the rivers are steep and technical, when you want to win races or when you just want to have some fun throwing it down while mashing through rowdy bits in complete control.




Ninja ZET kayak

Details: size 273 x 64cm    weight 18kg.   spraydeck 91 x 48 cm
recommended load of kayak 50 – 85 kg

The Zet Ninja has taken more than 5 years to develop and has been tested by numerous world class paddlers. It has excellent stability in squirrely water and features a fast, nimble planing hull. Its progressive bow makes it smooth to boof and skip over the top of different river features. Just the right amount of stern rocker make stern squirts possible and horizontal and vertical eddy turns easy. The Zet Ninja is fast, fun and will make you feel just like the river ninja, you know you are.


    • One boat to rule them all
    • Going further faster
    • More rivers, more moves, more of what you love
Ninja ZET kayak