Children 6-8

Gears for children is a specific category.
Children usually start regular training of water sports in age of 8, some of them earlier. Some children are very small, some are a bit taller, but weight is usually up to 30 kg.
We can offer gears for all kind of them.

Parameters of equipment for such small children is very specific compare to equipment for adult athletes.

Shafts of paddles should be softer and blades smaller, lifejackets should be small, kayaks should be light and easy to turn. Children should also wear some warm neoprene cloth, because they get wet every training. They should wear some neopren shorts, sneakers and regular jackets designed for kayaking and a helmet.

All such cloth we have and can be ordered. Write us email here.

Smallest kids, age 6-8

Life jacket: Hiko Swift 600 PFD XS, S

Helmet: Hiko Buckaroo+V.2 XS


Jacket:Quest Junior 88-116, 116-130

Pants: Quest Junior 88-116, 116-130

Wet Suit: Neo 3.0 Jr. Jacket 116, 128, 140

Jacket: Symbio Kids Short 104

Boots: Sneaker Booties 4, 5

Thermal underwear: Teddy Pullower & Pants

Spraydecks: Repeat K1 XS, S

Lula K1 Child paddle

Lula C1 Child paddle

RK Company K1 Child paddle

RK Company V1 Junior paddle

Slalom Paddle V1 junior

RK Company V2 Junior paddle

Slalom Paddle V2 junior

Mashua K1 MiniBee 4-7 age

Mashua K1 Ziggy – up to 45kg

Mashua ZIGGY

RK Company K1 Child Guppy – up to 45kg

RK Company K1 Duck S 40-50kg