ZET Toro Kayak

ZET Toro


ZET Kayaks presents the TORO, a damn good looking, very comfortable, new generation kayak.

Zet Toro kayak

Long development and great design has resulted in a whitewater kayak that every active kayaker will be excited about.
The TORO is not specific to only racing or expeditions but is aimed at all categories of paddlers, from serious grade 5 gnarl to beginners in a local kayak club.

TORO kayak
The TORO’s progressive bow gives it a racing disposition while a stable stern and innovative hull keeps it steady and maneuverable. The TORO is easy to keep on line, boof through holes and power down rapids The TORO is a kayak designed for any paddler wanting to enjoy all aspects of any river.

size 270 x 68 cm    weight 22 kg   displacement  325 L
load 70 – 90 kg   spraydeck 92 x 52 cm