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If you are seeking some additional information about Water Slalom, Extreme Slalom or White Water Downriver Canoeing, you are at the right place.

We are ex-top athletes, who use to be a member of the Czech National Team some years ago. We are located in Prague, where many top athletes practice their daily training on artificial white water course in Prague Troja, where also World champions and Olympic winners like Jiří Prskavec (K1 Slalom), Vít Přindiš (K1 Slalom), Vavřinec Hradílek (K1 Slalom), Lukáš Rohan (C1 Slalom) or ex-stars and Olympic winners Lukaš Pollert (C1 Slalom), Štěpánka Hilgertová (K1 Slalom) used to do their daily trainings.

You welcomed to ask questions how to building your team of athletes and coaches. How to attract children to this sport, how to select talents and how regular training should look like. How to build you boat hose and what is important for the club.

We also cooperate with Research Center of the Czech Technical University in Prague, because white water artificial course and many other courses were designed by ex-kayaker, top athlete and our friend, Czech engineer Vojtěch Bareš Ph.D., senior researcher of the University, who is designer of white water courses. He is in a close touch with another ex-top athlete and World Champion, today leading engineer and designer of water parks Scott Shipley. Together they developed, created models, evaluated, tested and realised number of white water parks.

Slalom course in Troja, Prague, Czech Republic

Montgomery White Water Slalom, USA

White Water park in Vrbne, Czech Republic

Let us know your project, idea or dream and we, will try to help and find a solution to make dreams come true.

What we do

  • we can advice some gears for your athletes or your club
  • we can schedule to delivery kayaks / single kanoe and other sport gears  to your country
  • we can advice how to build your training center or water park
  • we can come to evaluate your project, build a model of white water course
  • we can find an experience coach for your training center who can educate your local trainers

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