WW Kayak K1 RK Comp

RK Company Snus

A new hot product of the season 2019.

The SNUS comes from the popular model ESOX4HERO. But its bottom is narrower and the nose is thinner but higher.

Therefore the boat is extremely fast, going easily through waves and rolls.

The SNUS is an excellent kayak for professional paddlers.


ESOX4HERO is another version of popular model ESOX.

The boat is produced with CSCANOE license.

ESOX4HERO has been developed with assistance of world multi-champion Nejc Znidarcic (SLO)

The boat offers fast and precious navigation and control in both, flat water and wild water.

ESOX4HERO was a dominant boat among medailists of WCH in 2017.

RK Company Talion

TALION Kayak is a great boat designated for all age groups.

It has got a specific massive nose for better jumping through rolls and waves.

Another advantage is also very good stability.

TALION is an ideal kayak for medium and difficult water terrains.

RK Company Stitch

A downriver kayak for kids and light paddlers.

This model is great and fast on the flat water and shallow rivers.