Payments Information

There are two steps of payments:
First – is done based on “Proforma Invoice” after the client’s order
Second – is done based on “Invoice” including exact price of shipping

  • the rate of the Euro remains volatile, it might change our prices. Ask for updated Price List please.
  • same applies to prices of shipping. They are changing almost every week. Shipping will be charged exactly according shipping company prices.

Pay by Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the best way to store and transfer value. Unlike conventional financial networks, Bitcoin operates without central authorities. This makes Bitcoin the first ever open currency without borders.
Anyone can acquire money that is truly scarce, permissionless, decentralized, borderless, easily divisible, censorship-resistant, programmable, and non-confiscatable .
Bitcoin can be sent anywhere in the world quickly and cheaply. It does not need any third party such as a bank.

  • Tutorial how to send or receive Lightning or Bitcoin is here.

Bank Wire Transfer

Direct deposit wire transfers are accepted from international clients. This payment option requires a fee in addition to the total price of approximately US$30. Depending on the amount of the transfer, bank fees may be as much as US$60.00.
Bank charges for sending the wire transfer are the responsibility of the buyer.

Bank account:

Name of Bank: Fio Bank a.s., Prague, Czech Republic
Name of Account: Martin Hladik s.r.o.
IBAN Code: CZ 702 010 000 000 270 248 9057
BIC-Bank Identification Code (Swift Code): FIOBCZPPXXX
Account Number: 270 248 9057
Branch Code: 2010
Branch Address: V celnici, 1028/10, Millennium Plaza, Praha 1, 117 21, Czech Republic
Information free telephone number: (+ 420 ) 224 346 111
Information e-mail: