Sport PFD

All listed PFD complies with ICF regulation.
Can be downloaded here.

Jackpot PFD Redwood

Like the mighty Redwoods that reach high above the other flora the new version of the Jackpot will help you come on top of the racing field. Thanks to the extended shoulder panels the Jackpot now sits lower than before – displacing the foam from the chest area. The foam has been reduced to the minimum allowed by the new ICF regulations that are valid for 2022.

The Jackpot Redwood is eligible for racing in 2021 and 2022 seasons!!!

The Jackpot is designed for competitive slalom racing. Jackpot Redwood is an update of the Jackpot Slim Shift that will be no longer eligible for racing in 2022.

+ Ultra thin profile for tight clearance of gates

+ External foam pillow is designed to seamlessly work along with the Jackpot sprayskirt or sprayskirt combo drywear.

+ Flexible neoprene shoulders with inner straps for maximum mobility

+ 3 straps (the middle one is elastic) running the circumference of the vest with buckles on each side to ensure the ultimate fit.

+ ICF certified under ISO 12402-5 standard

A portion of buoyant volume from both the front and back panel is moved to external foam pillow which is connected to the main body via a flexible neoprene strip. This pillow is then inserted into a pocket in a sprayskirt and tucked away between the knees of the boater, keeping the same profile as the spraydeck even during the most extreme leanbacks. The front panel is extremely thin minimizing the space needed between the racer and the gate. The foam of the back panel is also reduced allowing for a much slimmer fit.

We recommend using PFD with a compatible spraydeck or combo.
Any modification or tempering will void warranty and ISO certification.

Hiko Saluki PFD

Originally built for canoe slalom SALUKI’s purpose evolved with the sport. When ICF allowed part of floatation below the waist, the world competition of canoe slalom was taken over by JACKPOTS. Only few years later kayak cross became Olympic discipline with its own equipment standars. Featuring unparallel mix of body coverage, comfort and mobility, SALUKI immediately qualifies as the top PFD for competitive kayak cross. Aside from kayak cross SALUKI remains the perfect choice for canoe slalom beginners.

+ Low profile front panel.

+ Shoulder straps are made out of flexible e.prene providing a slim and comfortable fit without restricting movement (with a high strength strap running on the inside for safety).

+ Foam is shaped to stay closer to the body of the racer.

+ The vest has three side-adjustable straps running the circumference to provide an ideal fit.

+ There are two different versions available to provide the best fit in each discipline, One is for kayakers with shorter shoulder straps and one for canoeists with longer shoulder straps.

+ Approved by the ICF and ISO 12402-5 and 12402-6 certified.

In competitive slalom and downriver races vests must provide a minimum of 6.12 kg of flotation force and a minimum of 4 kg of flotation force in the youth category. These are measured in a specialized buoyant cage and our vest meets or exceeds these qualification.


Size XS S / M L / XL
Weight (kg) 30 – 60 35 – 75 50 – 90
Buyoancy ICF (N) 50 54 54