Lettmann Olymp XRS 55, Olymp XRS 75

Lettmann Olymp XRS 55

Kajak Olymp is a very new boat, introduced this year.  We believe it is going to be one of the top Extreme Slalom kayak for its speed. Design by J. Lettmann in cooperation with top kayakers.

Olymp is produced in two sizes:
XRS 55 was designed for smaller athletes with shorter hands. Some, especially female athletes might appreciate the smaller  size and smaller displacement of this kayak which allow them to paddle easier, faster and they do not have a feeling of bulky boat in from of them.

Lettmann Olymp kayaks complies with ICF regulation. Can be downloaded here.


Size 274 x 61 cm     weight 19,5 kg     displacement  208L
load up to 100 kg    spraydeck  84,5 cm

Lettmann Olymp XRS 75

Olymp XRS 75 was designed for more robust athletes. It is almost exact copy of its small brother. It has a bigger displacement and it is 2,5 cm wider. Otherwise inner comfort and standard of accessories inside the boat is the same like Olymp XRS 55.
In the Extreme Slalom race, start of the race is very important and could be a key moment of the race. Bigger displacement of this kayak can be, for some athletes, an advantage which helps to win the race. Olymp XRS 75 was designed for a medium and bigger athletes and it is comparable with the ZET Chili.

Lettmann-Olymp-XRS 75

Size 274 x 63,5 cm     weight 19,5 kg     displacement  230L
load up to 100 kg    spraydeck  84,5 cm