Slalom Canoe C1

RK Company  Panther C1

The PANTHER canoe offers very good directional stability, stability in bigger waves and easy control. The canoe is designed for both, strong canoeists and also technical paddlers.

Specificaly rounded bottom profile and bigger cockpit ensure higher comfort. The boat tail has also got higher volume and therefore the the canoe goes from returngates faster.

Optimal weight up to 85 kg.

RK Company Tiger C1

TIGER is a new innovative model of a slalom singlecanoe for 2021.

The boat conception works great for dynamic paddlers.

The canoe is available in two versions:

“L” for 65 – 75 kg of a sportman

“XL” for 75 – 85 kg of a sportman

Mashua Caramel

Caramel C1 has been introduced in 2023. It is very new single canoe with excellent characteristics.
Caramel is the step up single canoe of Mashua Eddy and it is mean for athletes with body weight 50-65 kg.

Mashua Eddy

Mashua Eddy C1


Mashua Eddy is children single canoe. It was introduced in 2022 and it has been designed for children of age 10-14 and weight 30-50 kg.
It is very easy turn boat and it is designed for children who still do not have enough power in their hands.
Top deck is the same like for kayak so children can use the same top deck if they change the boat.