Pyranha RIP-R EVO 2 F

Pyranha Rip-R Evo 2 F

Pyranha Evo

Every surface of the Rip-R Evo 2 has been reviewed and developed. The design combines the past, present, and future with the unique coherency that comes from our World Championship winning history dating back over 46 years, and our ever-forward-looking approach to the sport and how our designs influence it.

Olympic level is the result of the perfect combination of a supreme athlete, the professionalism of their preparation, and the cutting-edge equipment they use.

Rip-R Evo 2 F also features fins which give extra grip, especially in eddy turns, and are a huge advantage on the ramp, minimising contact points for far less friction, and acting as a pivot point to help you lift the nose higher and get a drier, more directionally focused landing.

Pyranha Rip-R Evo 2 and 2F is panding approvel by ICF regulation. Can be downloaded here.

Pyranha Rip-E Evo 2F is produced in three sizes:


Length: 271cm
Width: 61cm
Displacement: 215 L


Length: 271cm
Width: 63cm
Displacement: 235 L


Length: 271cm
Width: 65cm
Displacement: 254 L

Pyranha Rip-R Evo 2

As Rip-R Evo 2 F, this kayak has been designed to be lightweight and fast. Except the fins it is the same kayak with the same qualities.



The Rip-R Evo 2 is a performance design, consisting of a lightweight shell and fittings, with finely-tuned and carefully shaped hull features – it is not intended for use above Grade 3, and seal launching down steps or paddling low-water rivers are strongly discouraged.